UN Secretary-General: WHO must be supported

Time:2020-04-16 Views:3347

UN Secretary-General: WHO must be supported
The Secretary-General of the United Nations Guterres issued a statement on the evening of the 14th, saying that the World Health Organization must be supported, which is absolutely critical to the global efforts to overcome the new crown epidemic.
Guterres made the above statement after US President Trump announced that the United States suspended the payment of dues to WHO. Guterres said that the world is fighting the new crown epidemic and reducing the resources required by WHO or any other humanitarian organization for operations is outdated. Guterres said that the new coronavirus "has never been seen in our life, so unprecedented countermeasures are needed." He emphasized that the top priority of the international community is to unite and work hard to contain this virus and its devastating consequences. Guterres also paid tribute to the thousands of WHO staff struggling to fight the epidemic.
WHO members ’contributions include two parts, one is assessed contributions, which are calculated based on the health and economic status of each member; the other is voluntary contributions, which are mostly used to fund specific projects.
WHO previously called for raising more than 1 billion US dollars in anti-epidemic funds. Before Trump announced the suspension of dues on the 14th, WHO spokesman Margaret Harris told reporters: "No matter what happens, our work will continue."