Masks, test kits, respirators, drugs and other materials have left the production line of Chinese factories.

Time:2020-03-28 Views:1205

Masks, test kits, respirators, drugs and other materials have left the production line of Chinese factories.            
Here is a list: since February 2020, Donghua energy has exported more than 3000 tons of y381h to India, Vietnam and other countries; the health massage equipment enterprise, Ogawa, has successively accepted overseas orders for production and export of respirators, disinfection kits and other related anti epidemic products; Paulette has also recently received orders from epidemic countries, among which one order from Italy has exceeded 1000 High end monitor; foci pharmaceutical has the qualification of mask export, and its products have been exported to 28 countries and regions; dao'en Co., Ltd. has received foreign orders for melt blown materials.            
If you want to export overseas, you have to pass the threshold of qualification certification first, and the threshold is falling. After the European Union opened the green channel for masks, the CDC also relaxed the relevant requirements and announced the acceptance of China's N95 mask standard.            
There is also an episode during this period. In order to prevent people from arbitrarily raising the price of masks on the Internet, the Polish government requires e-commerce websites not to sell masks and disinfection products to their territory. In response, Alibaba international station released the announcement on suspending the sale of masks and disinfection products to Poland on March 20, which came into effect on March 24.           
The move angered Polish netizens who could not buy masks. Under multiple pressures, only a week later, Poland regretted not only allowing Alibaba international to sell masks and disinfection products, but also thanking the Chinese government and Alibaba for their efforts so far.            
The gap is 10 times of the existing one, and domestic factories keep producing ventilator day and night            
In addition to masks, Chinese factories are producing respirators for all countries day and night.