Lemon fruit soap



Product details

Lemon fruit soap

1)100-250g soap
2)Good for premium and promotions
3)With mild formula that keeps your skin clean and smooth
4)Available in various designs
5)OEM orders welcome

Efficacy: High concentration of pure oil has a natural affinity, high moisturizing hydrating effect is remarkable, moderate security without stimulation, using nourishes the skin become soft luster after soap, fine and smooth, improve skin's years, lasting curing, jade-like stone embellish is like new

Method of use: wet skin, rub moisturizing soap in the foaming net to frothing, will the rich bubble smear on the skin, massage with your hand clean, rinse again can.

Note: 1, avoid contact with eyes, such as the eyes, rinse off with clear water.2, please placed in infants and young children can't touch place, avoid eating.

Suitable skin types: all type of skin