OEM/ODM natural shower oil,200ml



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OEM/ODM natural shower oil,200ml
Thoroughly clean and deeply nourish
Deep care bath oil
1. Thoroughly wash-removable body sunscreen (use oil-soluble oil, deep cleansing, easy removal of sunscreen)
2. Q elastic silky-24 hours moisturizing
3. Moisturizing and nourishing-no need to wipe body lotion

Castor oil (moisturize to remove dryness)
Soybean oil (effective nourishment, soothing and moisturizing)
Vitamin E (increase skin elasticity and enhance skin radiance)
Fruit acid (gentle exfoliation of chicken skin, improve back acne)

It is clean after a flush, not sticky
1. Moisturizing skin
2. Pour bath oil on palm or bath ball
3. Add a small amount of water to knead and foam
4. Evenly spread and massage the whole body
5. Rinse clean

1. What is the difference between shower oil and shower gel?
Bath oil is a cleansing system that uses oil-soluble oil to cleanse while leaving a nourishing layer to balance the skin's moisture and oil. The shower gel system cannot add a large amount of moisturizing oil, it will wash off its own healthy oil during the cleaning process.

2. What skin type is bath oil suitable for?
It is suitable for dry skin. It can achieve ideal emollient effect if used in bath every day.